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The Boldport Club is a community of people from all backgrounds and experiences, with a common appreciation for 'electronics craftsmanship'.

We hang out on our Discord server, and buy projects at the Club shop.

To become a life member of the Club simply make a £30 or more purchase at the shop!

See our previous projects and what the community has done with them.

Until January 2019 the Club was a subscription service. We then changed.

"Beyond the tangible aspects of the club, the (Slack) community adds immeasurable value to the membership. For any electronics enthusiast—be it the experienced professional through an amateur hobbyist—this is much, much more than a kit in your mailbox each month."

— Keith

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Our community is made of enthusiastic novices, experts and everything in between. We share a curiosity about electronics and a sense of discovery, and we'd like you to join us.