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As a member of the Boldport Club you’ll receive an electronics project once a month. Our projects are designed to be engaging, challenging, entertaining, collectable, and to promote exploration and discovery through the use of electronics.

Membership cost is inclusive of shipping to wherever you are in the world. You will also gain access to a members-only shop and discussion group.

See current and previous projects at our Club's shop as well as the community content repository. Here are the last five projects:

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The Boldport Club is  operated by Boldport.

"Once a month I get an interesting package from Britain that stretches my imagination and skills. After spending a few hours with a hot soldering iron I end up with an elegant bit of kit that I can show to family and friends to puzzle and delight them."

— Shoultz

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Our community is made of enthusiastic novices, experts and everything in between. We share a curiosity about electronics and a sense of discovery, and we'd like you to join us.