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As a member of the Boldport Club you’ll receive an electronics project once a month. Our projects are designed to be engaging, challenging, entertaining, collectable, and to promote exploration and discovery through the use of electronics.

Membership costs £19 a month (billed in three-month batches of £57), inclusive of shipping to wherever you are in the world. You will also gain access to a members-only shop and discussion group.

See current and previous projects at our Club's shop as well as the community content repository. Here are the last five projects:

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"As a hobbyist, the regular high quality kits are a lot of fun to assemble and it is very fulfilling to receive a steady stream of projects to complete."

— merk

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Our community is made of enthusiastic novices, experts and everything in between. We share a curiosity about electronics and a sense of discovery, and we'd like you to join us.

Details and terms

Please read the following carefully. By becoming a member you acknowledge that these details are familiar to you.

The projects that we create are intended for those who have some electronics and soldering experience and knowledge. For example, some require surface-mount soldering or looking up a detail in a component's datasheet. They may not be suitable for beginners unless they are helped by someone experienced. 

Safety is the responsibility of whoever builds and uses our projects; only they can determine whether they have the adequate skill, experience, and equipment to do so safely. Tools (such as soldering irons), and other resources (such as electricity) that are required to complete and use our projects are dangerous unless used properly with appropriate precautions and safety gear. Our projects are not toys and may contain tiny parts. Our projects are not intended for use by children.

'Projects' are kits, bare circuit boards, or other items to do with electronics. Examples of previous projects are shown in the shop and our community site, and give an indication to what you may expect with future projects.

Membership cost is £57 for three projects or £204 for twelve projects, each delivered once a month. Membership can be purchased on a rolling three-month or yearly basis. Membership costs may change in the future. Membership cost and other purchases are inclusive of VAT for EU/UK customers. The fee does not include import tax, which will need to be handled by the recipient.

The cut-off for receiving the next upcoming project is midnight (London time) of the 9th of the month, with shipment at around the 15th  of the month. Billing occurs on the 28th of the month (every three months or a year depending on the subscription).

When a new member joins they receive the next upcoming and future projects,  not past ones. Normally, projects do not repeat. Current members can buy additional items from the shop. These will be shipped together with the regularly scheduled shipment.

Shipping costs are included in the membership. We ship from the UK using ‘standard shipping’, which means that a package will typically arrive within one to two days in the UK, three to five days in the EU, and five to seven  days elsewhere. But we have seen packages arrive more than a month after we've dispatched it!

Further information that may be of interest is on out FAQ page.

These terms may be modified at any time.