Student discount

I'm a poor student;
I really want to join the Club, but I can't quite afford it :-/

It is important that students be part of our community and for us to have the opportunity to be part of your early electronics experience.

Here's what we came up with in order to minimise the admin overhead and make it worth our while financially.

If you'd like to join the Club, approach a friendly faculty member and ask them to contact us for a discount code. We will give them a unique discount code that will apply a 20% discount on the price of a three-month subscription. It will then work for three renewals.

The faculty will then give you the code and you'll sign up as normal. After the three renewals (a year) the discount will expire and the process will need to be repeated in order to keep the discount.

I'm a poor faculty member;
I really want to join the Club, but I can't quite afford it ;-)

Right! You too can use the discount code that we've given you. We hope that you'll use our projects for teaching and getting students excited about electronics.


In order to make this possible we need you to

  • sign up with your university email address; and
  • use the university-based delivery address designated by the faculty member.
  • The programme is experimental. We might change or cancel it at any time.