Intro to our Slack

Welcome to the Boldport Club! Access to our thriving and diverse community on Slack is a major perk of being a member, and we hope that you’ll join us there. You should have gotten an invitation to join soon after you signed up. If you haven’t, get in touch.

As a first step go through Slack’s intro to new members. Briefly, Slack is a rich real-time chat system with browser, mobile, and desktop clients. Once you join you’ll be part of the Boldport Club ‘workspace’ which is divided into ‘channels’, each with its own topic. Channel names start with a '#' so the equipment channel’s name, for example, is #equipment. This segmentation helps chats be more meaningful and easier to search.

When you join, you’ll automatically be part of the #general channel. This channel is normally used for announcements. We have many other channels, so make sure to click on ‘channels’ and join the ones you’re interested in.

The first thing we hope you’ll do is join the #hellomember channel and introduce yourself. Share how you found the Club (Saar is always curious about that), what you do professionally and for fun. It’s quite interesting that for nearly every topic someone brings up, there turns out to be a member who’s an expert in that field. This introduction is a great way to get a conversation going.

Every past and future Club project has a dedicated channel. For example, the ‘Widlar’ project was project number 21, and its channel name is #p21-widlar. Other projects follow the same naming format. This is where we discuss projects, from concept to the time when members build them (spoilers alert!). This is where you could share your build and, of course, ask questions when running into trouble. There are many of us eager to help you get through the build. (Don’t forget to also share your builds on our community contribution site.)

On other channels members discuss #soldering techniques, lab #equipment, #pcb-design software and tricks, #coding for embedded devices, etc. We discuss things related to the Boldport Club on #meta, and post lovely things on #beautiful. We even have ‘off-topic’ channels such as #cooking, #games, and #job-offers. If a discussion doesn’t fit into any other channel we use the catch-all #random. You’d be surprised at the depth of discussion we get to in any of these channels.

That’s it. See you there!

A couple of footnotes. We use Slack’s free tier. This means that they cap us at the latest 50K messages. This is why you’ll see some of the older project channels ‘empty’. It means that the messages were archived by Slack. We are looking at a longer terms solution for this.

When you’re no longer a member we deactivate your Slack account about three to four months after your last shipment so you could still get support for building the projects that you’ve received.