The Matrix (Project #11, March 17)


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The Matrix is an I2C controlled 24x5 LED matrix display, powered by an AMS AS1130 LED driver. It's made of 0.2mm thick circuit board so it can slightly bend. A few can be joined together for creating a larger display.

The project was kindly sponsored by AMS who donated the AS1130 ICs and Eurocircuits who discounted the PCBs. This project would not have been possible without this support. In addition, Farnell has given us the lowest possible prices for the LEDs.

Further information about the kit and how to assemble it is on the project's page, and the community contribution page.

You'll need a controller to drive the board. Two Boldport Club members have kindly written drivers for board:

A stencil for use with solder-paste is not necessary, but if you're going to solder the components this way, OSH Stencils kindly gives a 15% discount when ordering this project's stencils from them. Just click this link and the discount will automatically apply. The stencils Gerbers are available for download if you'd like to create stencils yourself.

Kit includes

A suitable header for chaining these projects is Samtec's TSM-108-02-L-DH (not included in the kit).

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