PissOff (Project #9, November 16)


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PissOff is an angry barking blue-in-the-face mad proximity sensor. Once turned on it calibrates to its environment and then detects an object approaching (well, let's face it, a cat, this is about cats). At a certain threshold it starts the mad barking.

The circuit transmits infrared (IR) signals and then measures the amount of reflected energy. As soon as it determines that enough of the IR energy comes back, it reads an audio file from the microSD card and plays it. We recommend barking. (In theory, if you insist, it could also be an enticing call for your cat Jimmy to eat the lovely roast that you just took out of the oven and planned to serve for guests from Argentina... we don't care!).

The project is based on original brilliant work by LuckyResistor. We've collaborated to bring this project to Boldport Club members, although the highly optimised MCU code — every bit is sacred, every bit is great — is solely the work of LuckyResistor.

Further information about the kit and how to assemble it is here.

Other than what comes with the kit you'll need three AAA batteries and an microSD card for the audio files.

Kit includes

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