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Sometimes between the design and manufacturing something goes wrong. Actually a lot of things could go wrong, and many of them do! This bundle contains boards that were rejected for appearance and solderability, but are functionally identical to the ones that made the cut. Instead of them ageing in boxes with us, we're offering them as soldering practice boards and as a cheaper option to buying a complete kit for those who already have the components.

You'll get one of each of the following:

Pease, second edition, project #1. The fab had an issue where the silkscreen hadn't cured for long enough. This resulted in a 'flaky' appearance of the silkscreen on some of the boards. Other than that, the boards are functionally perfect.

Emergency second edition, project #2. The first run had a problem where the soldermask registration and panel routing was slightly off. This caused the green soldermask to showd where it shouldn't around the edge, and the 'B' not to be perfectly aligned. Other than that they are perfectly functional.

The Cuttle, project #6. The manufacturer decided not to remove silkscreen from pads, and add their logo on the board. This didn't fly. Soldering the board on the bottom side will be somewhat more challenging than normal, but otherwise the functionality is exactly the same as what members got. (Notice the different bottom silksc4reen pattern... a collectible item? ;)

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