The tiny 'engineer superhero' emergency kit, second edition (Project #2, April 16)


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The tiny 'engineer superhero' emergency kit, second edition (Project #2, April 16)£14.00plenty left

Product Description

The tiny engineer superhero emergency kit will save you. Recall the countless times you desperately needed a 1 KOhm resistor to fix an amplifier at a party, only to see whoever you were trying to impress slip away with an OCaml programmer? Never again with this little kit. Consider the times when you were too drunk to recall Ohm's Law, yet was called in to fix a spaceship's control system. V=IR is written on the board to rescue you into awesomeness in spite of your inebriated state.

Get two of these lovely kits when you buy now!

The kit includes the following components

  • x1 circuit board (37.3x37x1.6 mm, ENIG finish)
  • x1 1KΩ resistor
  • x1 220Ω resistor
  • x1 0.1µF capacitor (0.1 uF)
  • x1 2N7000 n-channel MOSFET
  • x1 3mm yellow LED
The kit comes unassembled; the components need to be cut to size and soldered into place to create a working circuit (the LED lights up!). Also included are two compressed cellulose sponges that snugly fit in the tin when wet, and will help you clean your soldering iron! For more information and assembly instructions, head over to the board's wiki page.

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