Pease, second edition (Project #1, March 16)


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Product Description

This project is the very first Boldport Club project. It's a tribute to Bob Pease, a legendary analogue designer, with the circuit based around the LM331, 'voltage to frequency converter' that he designed. All the components for the circuit in Figure 20 of the datasheet: light intensity to frequency converter are provided. Alternatively, surface-mount components can be used (not provided in the kit).

Read more about the kit here.

Assembly instructions are here.

The PCB and package files are open source and available at Boldport's GitHub repository.

Kit includes

  • 25mm Keyring
  • 2 PCBs
  • Cardboard package
  • Anti-static bag
  • 5K Ohm potentiometer, Bourns, 3361P-1-502GLF
  • USB type A connector, Multicomp , MC32603
  • LM331, TI, LM331N/NOPB
  • nMOS FET, Fairchild, 2N7000
  • Green LED, Kingbright, L-1503GD
  • Phototransistor, Vishay, BPW96C
  • 4.99 KOhm 0.25W resistor, Multicomp, MCMF0W4FF4991A50
  • 3.3K Ohm 0.25W resistor, Multicomp, MCF 0.25W 3K3
  • 330 Ohm 0.25W resistor, Multicomp, MCCFR0W4J0331A50
  • 10K Ohm 0.25W resistor, Multicomp, MCCFR0W4J0103A50
  • 6.81K Ohm 0.25W resistor, Multicomp, MCMF0W4FF6811A50
  • 330pF capacitor, Multicomp, MC0805B331K500A5.08MM
  • 1nF capacitor, Multicomp, MC0805B102K500A5.08MM

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