Dreamer (Project #27, July 18)


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From a message that's included with the 'project'...

Hello there!

I've been doodling and drawing all my life and been meaning for a long time to create a piece of art only with circuit board materials and manufacturing process. It's finally done! Enclosed is a circuit board art piece that I designed — you have one of 580 from a limited edition run.

It's called 'Dreamer', featuring many doodling elements that dominate my notebooks since forever.

I started it by drawing on card using fine pens, scanned it, and then traced it to vector form. Finally I converted it to a PCB form using Inkscape and PCBmodE. I've added some artistic features and textures to exemplify this PCB+art hybrid. My friends at Eurocircuits created prototypes and manufactured it beautifully (2.4mm FR4, 35μm copper foil, two-pass soldermask with gold finish).

I hope that this piece-of-art-for-the-discerning-individual could adorn the wall of your workshop, cubicle, home, or doomsday bunker, and be a conversation starter. Send me a picture please ;)

All the best,
London, May 2018

Further information is here.

Project includes

  • x1 129x92mm PCB
  • x1 Print of the art on thick card stock

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